Sunday, July 18, 2010

what's going on ...

So it's been crazy busy here ... plus there was that whole vacation thing going on! Right now i am in the midst of playing catch up with shoots, plus all my photos from provence & a bunch of other things i want to get done this week. But it's wonderful knowing i have a week off work & i'm staying in town so expect a few blogs, & lots of new photos ... maybe some other interesting posts along the way. Here's a little something from a wedding i shot before my vacation. I was super nervous about this, as it was my first "all day" thing but fingers crossed the couple will be happy with the outcome. 

My vacation was fabulous (go figure) ... & in some ways i feel like i've come back a new person. Or maybe i just got some new insight into who i am & i love it. Sometimes all it takes is some time away to open your eyes & the realization that my 30s are going to be awesome. Of course it helps having a wonderful husband, a great family & some wonderful friends alongside me. 

But whilst i was gone you all got to read some blogs on "inspiration" posted by the very people who inspire me ... friends, artists, mothers, daughters, wives & all the rest. These individuals opened themselves up to discuss the things that make their world tick & i love that i got to share this with you. So if you haven't skip back over the past week on my blog & check out what these amazing ladies have to say. 

& now i'm going to leave you with a vacation photo ... me & the 2 exceptionally lovely ladies i spent the past week with ... there was food & laughter & exploration & talking & so much more. So thank you to miss Hannah banana, you're my sister, my confident, my friend & oh my god (yes i used the lords name in vain ... sorry) am i going to miss you. & miss Cassie, you are simple a rock star & having the chance to get to know you was an eye opening experience ... my new styalist, i just hope i can live up to your expectations! 

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  1. welcome back! i'm so glad you had such a good time!

    i loved your vacation posts with pictures and your little commentary on where you went and stuff. so i got a little inspiration from it and posted one post so far from my own vacation :)