Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guest Post - Tali Schiffer

Hi! I'm Tali Schiffer from the Imperfectly Perfect blog. Laura kindly asked me to be a guest blogger here on Love Laugh Believe, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

If you already follow my blog you know that like Laura, I am an artist, a photographer to be exact. Photography is a huge part of my life and it is ever influenced by the things that inspire me. From simple every day visions that become engraved in my subconscious mind, to seeking inspiration in books, movies, and fellows of the trade. It's a bit difficult to try and sum up everything that inspires me in to a list, but here's a little glimpse...

Blogs... I am in love with so many blogs, and am so thankful that so many of them inspire me, and my vision, and my art... Laura, Happiness Is , Darling Dexter , City of Dionne , Stacey Winters , nie nie ... Just to name a few (and that's really just a tiny few of many MANY more...)

My Peeps... There are a few people in my life that are a great inspiration to me... My mom & my dad each in their own way have inspired me to desire greatness and happiness , My uncle Mendu who inspires me every day to just keep on trying and never to give up , My grandpa who inspires me to enjoy life and do what makes me happy , and my someone- my partner in crime- Shay who inspires me to create and reinvent myself all the time!

Nature... The blue of the see, the warmth of the yellow sun, the shapes of the clouds, the green in the fields of grass, the leaves that provide shades under trees, the pink and purple and orange strokes of sunsets, the breeze on my neck, the humming of a bird, the quiet of the top of the mountain.

Everyday objects... I am inspired by the small things, the little details, the shapes, the feel. It could be a little hair clip or a huge piece of furniture, it doesn't matter, if it's got the right details it will attract and inspire me.

People around me... I always people watch. I look at what they wear, how they fix their hair, their makeup, their shoes, their body language, and all that could inspire me. I can pass by strangers and hear a glimpse of conversation that could spark up my next inspiration.

Books, Movies, Galleries... I've put those three together cause they are all connected- Art. Other people's art. I read, I watch, I observe, and I get inspired. 

It's not everything, but it's some. We live in a world with so many triggers that if we just let ourselves we could be inspired every day!
I'll leave you with this oh so very true quote by Johan Gottfried Von Herder:
"Without Inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, they is a fuel in us which need to be ignited with sparks..."

By the way, quotes are yet one more thing that inspires me...  :)

Every day objects - my greatest inspiration

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  1. what a fabulous display of your work! So good to see you over here!