Thursday, July 22, 2010

help Maggie May

The Female Photographers of Etsy is a wonderful group of ladies (yes we know i've mentioned them before), & incredible talented photographers around the world. & today i'm giving a shout out to one of those ladies. 

Joy St. Claire is a wonderful portrait, landscape, animal, fine art & all round talented lady living up Ohio. She creates inspiration, dreamlike images that bring you back to nature. They draw you in & yes we're going with a cliche leave you feeling "at one" with the earth around you. They're so simple but elegant & would look stunning throughout you house.  

Joy is one of those people who is all about giving back, right now %20 of all her proceeds from her shop are going to the National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund. 

But right now she needs a little help from us ... recently her beloved dog, Maggie was taken seriously ill (you can read the full story over on Joy's blog). Anyone who knows me knows how much my cats mean to me, they are family despite anything the hubby might claim otherwise. They are my company on long winter nights, someone to curl up with when the hubby is deployed or tdy & they make me laugh & smile on a daily basis. 

Maggie thankfully has survived & is doing much better but as a result Joy has been left with large vets bills. Maggie is Joy's best friend, companion & occasional muse so please take a minute to check out her shop & treat yourself or buy something for a friends birthday. 
ps. how can you resist this?


  1. She has some great items! My favorite is definitely the one of Maggie with the feather boa :) precious.

  2. i'll have to take a peek, i understand all too well, as my dog is my baby too...