Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inspiration from Violet Bella

Thank you Laura for asking me to be a part of your blog, you are an amazing and talented photographer, and I have so enjoyed watching you grow and learn and blossom.

Inspiration for me is an ever changing thing. It can come from anywhere really. An emotion, a word, a leaf, a memory, a song, a season, a bike ride, the moon... I could go on an on.

And different things will inspire me to do different things, such as pick up my camera, or a paintbrush, or a pen and paper and begin to write.

I think my all around love for art in general has helped me with my photography in a sense. I love the act of actually taking the photograph, but I equally enjoy the processing of the image afterwards. Sometimes I like to process very simply, and sometimes go a bit deeper and make it almost like a painting... I have also done photographs that have inspired me to paint them, and then even write poetry about them. So in a sense I can get inspired just from a photo I have taken.

I also find other artists to be very inspiring. There is such a sense of community in the art world right now among peers my age. I find it very refreshing. I think we all feed off of each other in a way, and then go on to create something original.

And for me personally, nature has to be among the biggest inspiration of all. The way the sun hits tall dead grass as I pass by in a car is like nothing else to me. The way I feel when I look upon the moon and stars, complete peace and awe. The way leaves turn certain colors after falling off a tree. The way the sun makes my skin smell after heating it up. The way rain can make me go right back to a certain moment of bliss or pain in my life. Seeing things like flowers sustain life in birds and butterflies. Truly amazing and inspiring.

Here is an example of a photo I did that was inspired by pure emotion. It was a part of a series I did after losing my mother to breast cancer.

Here is one simply inspired by the beauty of blossoms and sky.

And this one is inspired by nothing buts words.

I think inspiration is different for everyone, and is always all around us if we just open our minds and hearts to it.



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  2. I like the pretty greens and purples. Love is endless. What a nice message to end the post on.