Saturday, July 24, 2010


Every week (with the odd exception) I take part in the Miss Match Project. It's fun, & interesting a great way to force myself to photograph something different & to experiment. We're given a theme & a partner & this week our theme was "shoes". Now considering how totally abstract some of out themes have been this one is up there as one of the easier ones. So me & my partner for this week, Karin Andersson, set out to produce to images that would stand out as well as totally complimenting each other. Some weeks we'll set perameters, other weeks it's anything goes. Sometimes one of us will have an idea whilst the other is totally stumped, another week we set out on a journey that leads us to a totally similar place. That was this week. So here are my ideas ... 

& you know i can't take photos without my wonderful little assistant getting involved!

& here is the final diptych ... we really did have the same idea & on seeing Karin's i thought that the converse would make a better image since they a different type of shoe to those Karin chose to photograph.