Thursday, July 8, 2010

leave part eight: Beeston Castle

It's been many many years since i visited Beeston castle, as a child i remember us taking walks up there when ever we up visiting my Grandparents. Well now my parents live up in Cheshire so on leaving Edinburgh we heading down to Chester & it gave me the opportunity to return there. Beeston castle was built in the 1220s & is a formal royal castle (i think it's the lack of roof, oh & walls that mean it's not in use today). & well over the years, through various wars & what not it fell into disrepair. It sits atop a hillside with views on a good day across the Pennines in the east to the Welsh mountains in the west. Unfortunately the day we were there was cloudy but i will return on a prettier day. So instead of views you will have to put up with a whole bunch of flowers & Kevin! 

On leaving the castle we headed to the Shady Oak down by the river for a drink & a packet of Walkers Salt N Vinegar crisps! 

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