Sunday, July 25, 2010

doors ...

Anyone who has been some pretty with me & my camera or even just checked out my work knows there are certain things guaranteed to draw me in every time. I love details, i love colour, i love vintage & i love doors. & Provence or well France in general is full of those places full of all the above & then some. Even when it's not designed to be pretty in France it somehow ends up being pretty so for my first post from Provence you get to see doors, & the details that make them interesting & unique & special.


  1. I love doors too. I love the ones that have character to them, that have been affected by time and weather, that have an interesting color and shape... Like you :)

  2. Doors - the way in and the way out. The bottom image is especially lovely.

  3. gorgeous collection! you are really so talented!