Thursday, July 29, 2010

cherries ...

So one of the things i love most about france are the markets ... all that fresh food on offer. I wish i had a market to do my grocery shopping as opposed to the commissary (anyone who knows me knows how much i detest that place) ... so the next few posts from Provence are going to be devoted to markets & food. & we all know how much i love my food! i must clarify that i am not a huge fan of cherries it's just they were perfect for photographing & the reason you get to see 5 of them is that i couldn't pick one i liked the best so instead figured i'd just devote an entire post to them & let you choose! 


  1. love. gorgeous. you are so incredibly talented. i have enjoyed watching you hone your craft. you definitely are in your element. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures!



  3. Great photos! Why choose? They all look great together as a set - you should keep them that way ;)