Friday, July 9, 2010

leave part nine: chester zoo

We went to the zoo ... i loooooove the zoo! Chester Zoo is the zoo i have been visiting since i was knee high to a grass hopper & it's a wonderful zoo. If you ever get the chance to visit i highly recommend it, as they take wonderful care of their animals not to mention taking part in conservation projects nationally & internationally. So less talk & more pictures today ... enjoy! 

ok so i admit i went a little nuts in the butterfly house but it was macro heaven! 

proof that men are the same everywhere! 

& last but certainly not least ... my favourite ... the Ring Tailed Lemur. Don't ask me where this started but ever since i was a child i have loved them. Every time we went to the zoo we would have lunch on the benches by "Lemur Island" & so you know i could have spent hours watching these wonderful creatures. The first time we walked past they were hiding but after lunch they came out to play, i just wish i'd had a longer lens! 


  1. gorgeous pictures! I love zoos...I wish I went more often, I usually only go once or twice a year. But it's so much fun!

  2. these are beautiful! i love the rich colors, so velvety green and elegant and so different from your usual bright, light pictures and purple tones. i really really love all of these!

    ps. the one on the left is AH-MAZE-ING!!!