me me & more me ...

I'm a military wife & photographer ... in that order.
I'm English, the hubby's a Cali boy & we currently live in not so sunny Germany.
I have a slight mountain dew addiction & i'm somewhat obsessed with my cats. 
I like to run ... 9 miles is my current happy distance.
When i run i love to watch the planes take off & land.
I believe you can never own too many tank tops, t-shirts or pairs of panties & pajamas. 
I read a lot ... it's my escapism. 
I like Mexican food & cupcakes. 
One day i want to go storm chasing. 
I believe in god & balance in the world ... i will always vote conservative. 
My favourite photographers include Ansel Adams, Dickie Chapelle & William Eggleston.
Jane Austin is my favourite author ... think of what achieved in her time! 
I like pretty shiny objects & have the attention span of a 2 year old. 
My husband is my world. 
I believe sarcasm should be a religion & some would question the thoughts that go through my head.
Rugby is the greatest game on earth. 
Green is my favourite colour. 
I like taking pictures.