Saturday, June 6, 2009

working on photos for etsy

so you'd think it would be easy to pick the photos i want to sell but there are so many things i have to take into account & so often i worry as to whether "everyone" is going to like something when really i already know that everyone is different & i don't want to aim my photo at "everyone". I mean obviously i want something commercial but i don't want it to be something you can buy at ikea, mass produced world wide. I want my images to stand out, have that little something that makes people want to hang it on their wall. So in this vain i'm not just picking out the images i like, i'm picking out those i think others would like too but don't all fall under that umbrella of mass produced pretty pretty same same (that's my term for it). So here's a few of the one's i'm currently working on. I hope they're all a bit different, like the variety bucket at kfc!

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