Friday, June 5, 2009

new photos for etsy

I'm working on a new selection of photos to post on etsy for sale, & this is one of the images i'm considering. It's taken at Colleville-Sur-Mer American Cemetery, in Normandy France. Most of you would know this cemetery as the one at the beginning of Saving Private Ryan, & currently contains almost 10,000 bodies.  We took a vacation to Normandy after my husband came back from deployment, & our visit included seeing various beaches & museums. Colleville-Sur-Mer is an incredible emotional place, & i still cant' comprehend what we saw on our visit. This photo i love but i worry that maybe it's a little grey as the day in question there was no sun just the clouds you see. 

1 comment:

  1. laura, i think the gray suits the mood perfectly. my husband is a major war buff and wants to visit normandy one day. i get all choked up at the vietnam memorial in dc. can't imagine what it must be like to see all those crosses at normandy in person.