Thursday, June 11, 2009


So here i am relaxing on my couch, so completely bored & the door bell rings. We live in a little village in deepest darkest germany, there's only 2 reasons our doorbell rings: 1. a friend has arrived 2. jesus has come to save me!

well it was number 2. Now i personally have no issues with people & their religious beliefs until it results in the deaths of others (growing up in england during the 1980s you get used to this), & believe we all have the right to our own catholic/muslim/pagan/hindu etc ... beliefs but i'm really not a fan of having someone stand on my doorstep & preach it to me. I believe in god, in fact i have a huge faith in him but to me it's a private thing & my choices themselves are private too. I don't appreciate the point where someone stands up & tells me what i'm doing is wrong because of something that was written how ever many years ago. Faith is still faith, & how i choose to practice is my choice. I'm pretty comfortable with the fact god isn't going to send me to hell because i don't go to church on a sunday. To me god created us different, he gave us choice & freewill & the ability to question his beliefs. We're not designed to follow one path instead we are able to get to that final destination our own way, sometimes easy & sometimes not so much. 

So having someone stand on my doorstep & tell me the choices i'm making are wrong doesn't make for a happy bunny, & it's not how i picture god showing us the way. I mean how are we supposed to learn from our own mistakes when someone else is showing us our "faults"! Plus (& no offence to anyone meant) there are some really crazy religious nuts out there (check out "god warrior on YouTube for proof).

Anyways before my tangent turns into an essay here's some "religious" photos i have taken on my travels.

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