Friday, June 12, 2009


So yesterday i set up another shop on 1000 markets. It's very similar to etsy but on a smaller scale & you have to be "approved" to become a shop owner. Plus all the owners are in the states as payment is run through amazon, which mean using my mother-in-laws (thank you Mary) address. But it's actually a whole lot easier to set up, & i like that it's a smaller community but i guess it's not as well known as etsy which could be a draw back. Plus i have these website all over the place now & it's a little over whelming but i guess I'll manage. The other plus side to 1000 markets is advertising is free because I'm starting to get frustrated with a whole lot of outlay & nothing coming in. It's not a major deal but still I'm still waiting on that first sale. 

So all this in mind one of the Homefront girls wrote me a big long list of suggestions to get my shop noticed & one of to purchase various items to get feedback. So she suggested "small items but we all know how much i can shop with the best of them & so i bought an absolutely gorgeous pillow I've had my eye on for a while & of course a new camera. My current plan is to keep collecting cameras until i have the same amount as Kevin has beer glasses. hehehe.

So anyways here's a link to the shop owners site & a photo of the stunning pillow i bought for my bedroom, i can't wait to see it. Right here are the reason's why i want to learn to sew so i can do this stuff myself (although probably not as good) & i love that is vintage & one of a kind. A little different but the colours will work perfectly in my bedroom.

& of course here are a couple of the photos i have up for sale on both etsy & 1000 markets. Really it never hurts to take a peak!

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  1. Love that pillow!
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