Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day photos

Here on request are some more photos from our recent trip to Normandy. With the 65Th anniversary this weekend & memorial day just a few weeks ago i decided now would be a good time to show these, & hopefully a few of them will be up for sale in my shop the next few weeks. The images are all very different, i hope showing the different styles i prefer as well as high lighting the cultural effects on the Normandy beaches of today.

Below is a photo of  the beach at St Laurent, more commonly known as part of Omaha beach. Who'd have thought somewhere so peaceful could have experienced so much blood shed just 65 years previous?

Postcards in a souvenir shop, showing the many different depictions of the Normandy beaches from 1944 until today.

Pointe du Hoc is a french cliff, located between the Utah & Omaha beaches, it was the site of 6 casements of German guns, aimed on the beaches below. The job fell to the rangers to destroy this battlement of D-Day. Firstly the area was heavily bombarded before the rangers climbed the cliff. For 2 days the rangers held the German forces at bay until reinforcements could arrive & destroyed the guns. Of the 225 rangers who climbed those cliffs only about 90 survived

Part of a  US Sherman tank, preserved outside a museum dedicated to Omaha, St Laurent. 


  1. These are gorgeous shots! I hope I can get there someday! ..and your new banner and avatar look great! :)

  2. Powerful stuff.