Friday, June 5, 2009


so i have been introduced into the world of plug boards as a means of free advertisement on the internet. Now seriously don't ask me for the technical explanation of what one of these is because all i can tell you is it's those small flashing boxes you see all over the place that when you click on take you to another site, usually porn. So after days & we are talking days of someone trying to explain this concept to me, the finally wrote me a "dummy's guide" & i have finally managed to post my own little button on these sites, & although i don't quite know how they get traffic (do people actually look at the sites i put my button on?) i am proud of my little achievement & even if just one person checks out my site then that's one more than i would have had. 

Anyways this is my button, not the greatest but remember i am still new at this & if you just so happen to do a random search of "free plugboards" or "photography plugboards" click on my little icon. Remember i need all the help i can get at this point!!

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