Thursday, June 18, 2009

new photos ... new lines ... no sales!!

& the frustration is really starting to build (doesn't help that i am constantly finding items on etsy i want to buy). I am putting a whole lot of money in to this site & getting nothing out & it's driving me nuts. I really have no clue what i need to do. I have plugs all over the place, i'm "hearting" other shops, buying stuff & putting links out on facebook, to friends etc ... on a regular basis but still no sales. I really have no clue what i need to be doing here. Answers on a postcard would be nice. Next week i have my new line in notecards coming in but unless i start making some sales i'm going to have to stop getting in stock. Upside & downside to everything. So where do i go from here ... answers on a postcard please & share the link.

On another note ... a good one, one of the girls in my "homefront" team did an interview with me. Made me feel very special & a little famous (hehehe). Here's the link. & be sure to check out her shop, she does these gorgeous crochet hates etc ... way more patience than i could ever find for those things.

Ok homefront is a group of military spouses all linked to etsy/1000 markets who have their own crafts from food to graphics to sewing everything you could ever imagine! They're an amazing group of people who have been my sounding board for much of what's going on in my shop. & as any military spouses out there can tell you it's these people who know exactly what you are going through who are the people who are going to stay with you for a long long time. So be sure to check out their website as well:

& here's something to make you smile ... my "cross processed cows"

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