Wednesday, June 10, 2009

etsy treasury

so today i made my first "treasury" on etsy. Now whilst this might not seem exciting to the outside world it's a little exciting for me. A treasury is picked by other sellers, & has i think 12 items on it & is basically just another form of advertising within the world of etsy.  So having someone pick my image out of however many to go in this "treasury" i think is pretty cool & after a long but awesome day (... great run with hannah this morning ... 10 minute miles make me very happy & then a fun night at work, ie. the job i do to pay for my photography) it was a nice thing to come home to. 

Anyways here's the photo in question, a picture of an old french address/telephone book i found at the hotel we were staying out. I think it's pretty cool & i personally love the shot but as we all know i can be a little biased about my work.

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