Thursday, July 7, 2011

"because you're worth it" (as my mum would say) ...

At the start of June i put my prices up, something i a hard time doing. Thankfully i have some wonderful friends who helped me with this process & some equally fabulous clients who aren't deterred. But when you work in a community where there seems to be "photographers" popping up left, right & center & offering to do shoots for $50 with all the images on a disc it's hard to feel confident in your prices even though you know the product you are offering is worth it. 

Well today i was finally catching up on some blog reading ... I love hearing others talk about their passions be it photography or not, & share the things they see & learn on a daily basis. Well one such blog i have come to enjoy is "Mom's with Cameras" & does "exactly what it says on the tin" (if you're not english you might not get that but basically it's blog for mom's who take pictures).  But a few days ago they posted a wonderful blog called "value vs. price" & it couldn't be more appropriate for how i'm feeling right now.

"My clients choose to commission me to photograph their children because they recognize that the portrait art I offer is valuable to them . . . priceless, even. These images and the experience I provide are not something they can get elsewhere and they feel that the dollar amount I price my work at is worth the investment. Determine what your art is worth . . . what it’s value is to your client. Then price it accordingly and do so confidently."

Thank you to Emily for writing such a fabulous post & reminding me of the things i know even when i feel frustrated & i'm left wondering if i made the right choice. You can't put a price on the memories we preserve with the click of a shutter. 


  1. I cringe when I see all of the amateur work out there being passed off as professional. When I see any of your photos, they feel like proper works of art that are well thought out and beautifully edited to a perfection that is rare.

  2. i wish everyone could understand this! i'm so with you on how frustrating it can be - i always think that the hardest part of photography is the pricing.