Tuesday, July 12, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Toronto, Canada

Back in the days of Pre-Jacob i did a weekly blog post ... around the world with fPOE. Being a member of fPOE (female photographers of etsy) means a lot to me, i've been lucky enough to learn from some amazingly talented women willing to help in whatever way they can. This group inspires me on a daily basis! Well If you were to check out the world of these ladies you'd discover an amazing array of styles, composition & all the rest. So with this series i hope to showcase the stunning photography from the group as we travel round the world with these fabulous ladies & see what inspires them. 

So our last stop on our world trip left us in Pueblo, Colorado checking out the work of Frankie Kins & Bluemoon Studio (take a moment to check out her gorgeous shop). Well now we're heading north, across the border & up to Toronto, Canada so check out the delightful (don't you just love my use of adjectives) images of Charlene Precious. Now this is my kind of photography ... not that i don't love 99% of photography out there but this is the kind that speaks to me. It has all the elements i love ... vintage, dreamy, whimsical, stunning. It's the kind of photography that opens my eyes & asks questions. The word that really stands out for me "wonder"! 

Charlene's work is full of gorgeous soft tones, pretty little details & wonderful composition. I love her subject matters, things that would inspire me also. But on top of these gorgeous images she adds text that just gives them a little edge over similar items, making them stand out from the crowd. I could stare at her photography for hours. The remind me of vintage postcards discovered at a flea market or antique store, of stories waiting to be told & memories of times gone by. I feel like the text is just a tease, the beginning of a fairy tale & i want to know the ending. 

I love that Charlene photographs the things that draw me in as well ... an item i collect (& this is a particuarly gorgeous variation) ...

... a place from my past ... 

... & very few people know my love of airplanes! 

To view more of Charlene's work you can head over to her etsy shop (where all the above images are available for purchase) ... her website ... her blog (which is incredible unique & worth checking out)... & her flickr page. & next week we will continue our adventure somewhere new. 

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  1. her pictures tell stories, and you're right about the postcards… gorgeous. I can't wait to be a part of this group so I can learn even more from you all!