Tuesday, July 5, 2011

playing catch up ...

So it's been a while ... i suppose i have a pretty good excuse but i've kinda missed you guys. I like blogging, sharing my world with you & introducing you to all kinds of pretties. But first we need play catch up ... share with you some of the goings on. & yes i'm totally starting with some new pictures of my son ... he's now almost 3 months old & growing & changing & developing & it's amazing to see. Anyways for those who haven't met him here is my pride & joy ... best thing i've ever done (& if you want to see more from the beginning you can click on the link)! 


  1. Good morning pretty lady :)
    He's a fabulous little guy...he looks smart, interested in discovering the world, relaxed & happy. You must be doing a great job as a mum ;)

    Since I'm writing here, let me tell you that our meeting has to be rescheduled starting about 10 - 12 days from today. There's pretty much going on and I would really like to have all the time of the world and my mind set to that when we meet.

    I hope this is all right and not a disappointment. Travelling a lot lately brings days where simply taking care of things is a priority.

    Any how I'm looking forward. Especially if this gorgeous guy is joining us, too ;)

    Enjoy your precious time in motherhood and thank's for taking some time to share bits here with us.

    xo, Iro

  2. so adorable! So happy you have him!!!

  3. good grief, is he ever BEAUTIFUL!!! :) i hope you're doing good mama!

  4. so good to have you back, i've missed you around the blogosphere :)