Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the website ...

For a long time i've owned my web domain but it's sat dormant as i paid money for it. Well finally i got my lazy ass in gear & with a little help from a friend & a template from bludomain, i got it up & running. I really have no excuse for not getting this done sooner but i have no understanding of how code works & well i just kept putting it off & putting it off. Anyways it's finally up & running & whilst it still needs work i am happy with how it looks. 


  1. I love the website. It adds to your photos! Great job on it :)

  2. wow, i never realized that you didn't have a website and now it seems ridiculous that you never did before! but at least you've got one now and it looks great! i love the template you chose; it's very you :)