Wednesday, July 20, 2011

throwing the rules out the window ...

So it's driving me nuts but i can't remember where i found this idea ... it was either a blog post or a magazine article (so if you can figure out where i found it let me know) ... anyways the blog/article was about a photographer who started shooting abstract after a car journey or because of a car journey or well something to do with a car journey. The idea being that all the "rules" of a "good photograph" become irrelevant & they really do. & since we were going away for the weekend i decided to have a little fun on the way home. For the first time in my life i shot at f22 simple because i was wanting long shutter speeds, & who cares about camera shake it's simple part of the process. I also discovered that our car windows are incredible dirty but anyways. 

So here are the results ... & i really love them! I love the way they feel like a painting, the blending of tones & the smooth flow some of them have to it. I love the yellow & blue of the truck, & how a urban landscape appears in the midst of the trees like a double exposure. There is so much unexpected in this process & so much fun!


  1. They do feel like a painting indeed! Way to go with throwing the rules out of the window!

    Love them too Laura, especially the 3rd on the top row and the three last ones.

    Have a beautiful day lady :) xx

  2. how fun! love all the colors… I love breaking the rules (of course I do, do we know me?) and I love soft circles of light when the camera isn't in focus. pretty!!

  3. wow! these are absolutely magical, definitely like paintings! i absolutely love them! i think the tunnel is my favorite :)

  4. I have some diana mini photos which I had on the wrong setting that looked like paintings and although I was disappointed with myself at the time I got them developed they've really grown on me now. Perhaps I should try having it on the wrong setting on purpose next time :) These turned out beautifully.

  5. I love your creativity! These are great! "Drive by shooting" is the best