Sunday, March 7, 2010

you see ... i see ...

Ok ... so here's the thing ... the idea ... & the plan ... i am about to take part in a year long collaboration (yes i said year long ... because i need more things going on in my quiet life) with the wonderfully talented Tali Schiffer (& if you don't believe me about the talented part you should check out her website). Tali lives in Isreal & as we all know i live in not so sunny Germany, so a weekly get together is a little out the question (unless of course you're paying). So thanks to the wonderful world of the internet we have set up a blog for your viewing pleasure.

& you see i see is born ...

The incredible talented Tali (yes there i go mentioning her talent again) did all the hard work ... a name (i contributed the "one world" part) ... a header ... & a blog (i told you she was good) where you will be able to see our photos as the weeks go by. It's possible there may come a day where i even bestow on you some words of wisdom & Lauraism's!

Ok now for the specifics ... one photo every week for a year ... to be posted side by side on a Tuesday (why i hear you ask a Tuesday ... well i have no clue other than Tali chose Tuesday). Now to the fun audience participation part ... you guys ... yes you special special people get to pick the topics. In order to start this 52 week long photographic project we need 52 topic titles for us to work with. So throw on those thinking caps ... be creative ... & please try to avoid big words that my little brain doesn't comprehend.


  1. I gave Tali some ideas so here are some more for you.

    What someone believes in
    Little children's dreams

    Have fun with it guys! I'll be watching the whole time, can't wait to see what happens.

  2. great idea! i'll let you know when i think of any creative topics...

  3. what a great post darling! You did such a better job than me in describing everything... Oh & could you tone down all those talent compliments?! I am blushing histerically here...

  4. OMG how fun is this!!!

    Very cool here are the first things that come to mind

    Trains / or tracks
    Blooming tree's /or blooms falling off the trees in the wind (I personally can not wait to capture that)
    view through your window

  5. okay, here are my ideas so far:

    underwater worlds
    alice in wonderland

  6. oh this will be fun! how about: hair, fruit, rain, little girls....

  7. Hello, why not colors?

    I will be following you!