Monday, March 15, 2010

it's the simple thing's in life that make me happy

me in a coffee table book ...
wonderful feedback (& some sales) at the craft fair this weekend ...
a whole week without snow ...
treated myself to this reminder of all things english ...
having my husband home!


  1. I'm sure having your husband home is the best best part of it all!!

  2. aw this is nice!! it is all about the simple things eh :) hope all is well out your way today!

  3. congrats on being a part of that book! and i'm so glad you got to be with your hubby :)

  4. having the hubby home is definately a good thing, this time he was only gone a week which is nothing but still ... although he definately has his moments!!

    & thanks for the congrats again!

    amy ... life is good just busy as ever but as always the simple things do keep me happy (& sane).

  5. Amen, The simple things are the best!

    I love sipping tea while looking at the snow fall.

  6. Isn't it the greatest having your husband home! Mines at school training to be a recruiter right now, counting the days till he's home. You'd think after seven years I'd be use too it. Congratulations on being in print, you totally deserve it.

  7. So true about simple things- they always bring the most pure happiness.
    Congrats on the book! :)

  8. This is an utterly stunning photo. Gorgeous.