Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ella Bella ...

So i had to share this gorgeousness with you ... partly because well it's beautiful & partly because it's the work of an incredible talented young lady who i went to school with. I could tell a few stories here (& her the same) but it would ruin the mystique that goes alongside us artistic types (hehehe). So she has just opened a shop on Etsy & set up a blog both of which i know I'm going to fall in love with. & I'm pretty sure that somewhere along the way i will be sharing a whole lot more of her work. Oh & for the record she one of those artistic people who can draw, take photos & produces graphic prints that are equally stunning as each other (don't you just hate that)!


  1. How pretty! The photo layout is fantastic!!!

  2. Great shop, and you're such a wonderful friend for plugging in this post to promote her :)

  3. lets just say ... driving to college ... windows down ... top gun soundtrack playing ... still wearing clothes from the night before ...

  4. Yey thank you Laura, yep you are such a wonderful friend and I hope to do the same one day when my blog gets off the ground...

    See you soon lovely. x x