Saturday, March 13, 2010

Indie Biz Chicks ...

So a little back the wonderful Jen Kiaba (trust me she's wonderful & here's my blog to prove it) ... introduced me to Crissy at Indie Biz Chicks. Let's just say I'm not exactly business minded so to have someone out there who specialises in affordable ideas for indie "business" like my own it was a wonderful discovery. There website has all kinds of information, not to mention a fabulous blog & other such resources that you can download. Well i woke up this morning to discover i was the winner (yippie Skippy happy dance) of their "Year Long Marketing & Blogging Plan". Yes the lovely Crissy has done all the hard work for us, now i just have to enjoy her effort. So anyways this week i hope to sit down & start at week one & slowly work my way through it, of course keeping you updated on the results. & if you haven't yet you really need to check out their website!


  1. Well, thank you very much for posting this!

    By the way -- there are no "ladies" - it's just one lady behind Indie Biz Chicks ...

    The reason there is an "s" on chicks is because the site is for all the Indie Biz Chicks out there!

  2. Yeah Crissy is the best. I'm eying a couple of products now - that is definitely one of them. I dropped the ball on the contest - that is such an awesome prize! Congrats, you seriously deserve it.

  3. How cool, and helpful, and how awesome for you that you won the plan!! Yeepee for you!!