Saturday, March 20, 2010

share the love ...

So here's the thing ... next month i will be taking part in the Boudoir Diva's Paris Workshop (in case i haven't already mentioned this) & well they're running a little contest ... submit 3 photos that represent:

1. my inner diva
2. love
3. paris

& they will be voted on. The winner receives $400 of the cost of the workshop. All you have to do is click here & leave a comment stating the photos you would vote for (i'm number 5 just in case you get confused).

Thanks you wonderful wonderful people & have a super fabulous weekend!


  1. exciting! I'll stop by and vote!

  2. I am about to vote. I can't imagine you NOT winning, you are so fabulous.

  3. Here's to hoping you are the winner!!

  4. thanks so much ladies! fingers crossed!!

  5. I voted! LOVE the Eiffel Tower shot. Funny, I'm working on a premium Blogger template featuring the Eiffel tower so the timing is totally coinky. Good luck!

  6. The Paris photo is stunning!