Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lilac Ave.

So we all have those shops we go to for certain items ... our favourite clothing stores, places to buy groceries & well all the rest. For me etsy is the same, i know there are certain stores i can return to there time & again & get amazing products, at wonderful prices & who will happily ship to an APO address without charging a fortune. Small businesses truly provide fantastic customer service.
One such store for me is that of Lilac Ave where i now buy all my candles. Firstly i promise from experience they all smell delicious ... secondly Deb uses recycled products ... & thirdly she has gone out of her way to create something for me after i said i had seen something i liked. I no longer buy from the bx but if i need something new i head straight to her etsy store.
As you can see from the photos she has a wide variety of styles ... a little something to suit everyone i guess. Personally i'm a big fan of her recycled jars (the top photo & yes i have one) & right now i'm loving the smell of her citrus dream. But she also has these wonderful baking dishes (above) & the cute m&m tins which i think would look gorgeous in any fun space.
& lastly she also sells these gorgeous little tarts! Oh & Deb is also a member of the wonderful Homefront team on etsy, a military wife like me who works from home doing what she loves.


  1. Thanks so much Laura!!!!
    As you know I am a huge fan of your work too!
    I really appreciate the "star" exposure. You make me "blush" :)

  2. Laura ~ I love the look of your "new" blog...Great article.

  3. Great article.
    I love the candles in the baking dishes its a really unusual, fun and definitely stylish way of owning a candle!
    I'm off to go look at Lilac Ave's shop!