Saturday, March 27, 2010

taking a time out ...

You ever feel like you need a break ... a time out ... some space. Not from anything in particular more like everything. A chance to breath. Life has this habit of getting a little hectic & you need to escape. Well i need a day to myself & so Thursday i took that & headed to France.
We are lucky enough to be only an hour from the French border, & whilst France is one of my favourite places to be i really don't spend enough time there. So off i headed (with a minor detour to be blogged about later) & after much driving through the French country roads (they were gorgeous & spring is slowly starting to appear) I arrived in Metz. & whilst the clouds were dark & moody at times the rain managed to stay away.
I had a wonderful afternoon wondering around the city, just me & the camera. I can't lie i did a little shopping along the way but it was more about taking photos than anything. I need to explore & photograph everything & everything along the way.
France is one of those places that is filled with details ... i know everywhere is really but i notice it more when i'm in France. Everywhere i looked there was something.
& of course being in France i had to get my crepe!
More photos can be seen on my previous blog post ... Metz.


  1. Laura ~ Nice post ... love the images. Look like you really had fun. Wish I were along for the ride. Isn't it fun exploring?

  2. Wonderful photos...How nice that you got a day away! I hope you enjoyed your crepe!

  3. Great photos Laura! I really hate you for being able to just take off to France or Spain, or anywhere European... :P

  4. yeah so i'm just a bit jealous that you can be all like "oh, i wanted to get away so i just went to france for a day..." lol. your photos are wonderful as always, especially the first two!