Monday, August 31, 2009

the "romantic" life of a military wife ...

Hollywood would have us believe that being a military wife is romantic ... for those of you who think my husband has carried me off from work in his uniform whilst everyone looks on & cheers well you would be way off. Being a military wife is anything but romantic, it's stressful & tiring & emotional & for me most of all frustrating. Saying all this i wouldn't change my life for anything.

But here begins a series of photos, taking using the technique ttv highlighting the not so romantic life we lead.


  1. Hon, I know how hard it must be! I think it takes a really strong, loving person to be a soldier's wife, and you are indeed that and then some!!

  2. Oh, I'm anxious to see where this series goes and look forward to following it. I can only imagine the life you live but one thing is for sure, you do it very graciously!♥