Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monique & James

August 5th ... the weather was perfect, & i was meeting up with Monique & James for my second outing into portrait photography. They wanted some images to take away from Germany with them, & also some engagement photos. Monique gave me some ideas & on talking with her we decided to go for an urban setting, a local town.
So i had previously scouted some suitable locations for taking their images & on the day in question i took a walk around with further ideas in mind & found some more places of interest.
We were able to move amongst the locations no problem & as we got into the shoot i found myself relaxing more, giving directions were needed & of course experiementing & starting to find my own way within their genre. It's important that should i decide to go down the road of portrait photography i stand out from the crowd. As a whole i've never been a fan of this kind of portrait photography, often posed & unnatural it looks fake & isn't what i feel these kind of portraits should be about. As a photographer i need to be able to adapt to the subjects themselves but also bring out their personalities within my photos.

Overall i found the shoot to be successful, & the clients are happy with their images. This gives me something to work from, & new images for my portfolio.

Editing took place at stupid o'clock last night as i couldn't wait to see the photos. Editing to me is one of the most tedious parts of a photo shoot but it can also be the most interesting. You never really know which images are going to work the best until you view them on the computer screen, & some surprise you whilst others you thought were great really don't stand out so much. But it was fantastic to be able to see all these images, & i was incredible pleased with the results.
& now i have areas i know i need to work on & the idea that maybe this is something i could have a serious go at. & of course i had fun.


  1. oh laura!! what fabulous shots! i just love the last 4 pictures. the b/w ones have the most ambience. i also like the 3 combi... that's cute and sweet. and the last picture just hits home. wonderful!!! the couple look really natural on camera as well...

  2. Great job darling!You've captured this couple so beautifully! I'm glad you're having fun at this and can see yourself expanding this to a full time thing :)

  3. Wow, the images are beautiful and you did a fabulous job!! Ah if only we lived closer, we'd volunteer as your next subjects. ;-)