Saturday, August 1, 2009


Recently i became a member of a small group of crafers, all of whom have shops on etsy called "Inspiration Avenue". The member of this group all work with different mediums & come together in essence to discuss their work, & inspire each other. Today they are having a blog party (which i still don't understand totally) but having only just joined i missed out this so instead i am just going to write a little about inspiration & what inspires me.
The dictionary defines inspiration as something that inspires an individual whether it be to write poetry, paint a picture or in my case take a photo. It can be something inspired, like an idea or an action that results in that inspiration or even another artist who's work inspires you.
So what inspires me ...? It can be as simple as the place i end up in, like the images in this blog. I would never have known about this place if it wasn't for a couple of guys i go running with, but seeing it i loved the abandoned feeling it had, it was new & interesting to me. Other times my inspiration will come from fellow photographers, greats like Ansel Adams & William Egglestone or just the photographers whose work i see everyday on Etsy such as Tali Schiffer-Oren, & Andrea Despot whose ideas & individual skills have left me wanting to break out of my safe little box & try new things.
All this being said the rest is up to me ... to explore new roads, change my direction & find new, interesting, unique & of course random things to gain inspiration from, photograph, show in a way they may never have been seen before & hopefully become the inspiration for others.


  1. Great post Laura! It is inspiring to read about other's work and inspirations isn't it? As you say, there are always so many excting new artistic roads to consider!

  2. It's inspiring just to join this party and find out more about new creative souls...

  3. Very nice Laura! Love your photos!

  4. I am glad I am an inspiration to you! You are certainly an inspiration to me!!

  5. i cannot believe i haven't added you yet!! i'm so blur sometimes ... i did that to betty too ... crap! anyway i just rectified that :)

    wow! nice post and the pictures are beautiful!! love the b/w photo of the rail ...HUGS!!!!