Monday, August 24, 2009

monday morning ...

This morning i somehow managed to pull a 4 miles run out of my ass ... & it hurt, but sometimes the hurt is good & sometimes it's what you need to push the body & mind, a wake up call on a Monday morning. This run was me saying it's time to start again, that everything my bodies been through the past month is done with.

I love to run, i love all the old cliches about pounding the pavement, i love the freedom, it's my time. I listen to music & watch the world go by, pushing myself to a new limit & feeling the power that comes with the body working hard. A hard run whether it's 2 miles or 10 miles is that much more satisfying than an easy one, i don't feel like I've achieved if my body doesn't feel like it's worked.

So now as my training starts over i plan on blogging about it, it's definitely not exciting or glamorous but it's part of who i am now & i feel like it's another way of sharing with the outside world & the motivation i have to run is the same motivation i have to achieve my photographic dreams. Maybe for me i need one to push the other!

"Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage"

-George Patton

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  1. That is great! Good for you for being able to push yourself to higher limits!!