Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more macro lens ... i really can't get enough of it!

Ok so here's a few more macro shots ... this is way too much fun!!

This cricket(?) was chillin by my front door ... check out those eyes!

A few images of the various cameras in my collection.

Finally a photo of "Damn-it" my other cat, she hates the camera!

... but we all know how much cujo loves the camera!

Mmmmmmmmm golden oreo!

Some images of a vintage toy airplane we bought in Bayeux.


  1. These are awesome. Glad you're having fun with it, can't wait to see what else you capture.

  2. Fabulous shots Laura! I'm so jealous - my macro doesn't work on my digi back for some reason. :( Have fun!

  3. I know have a serious cookie craving ;)

  4. love, love, love, love them!! especially love the middle kitty pic - what a sweet little face and delicious looking oreo. yum! i am really dying for a new camera and i told hubby i needed one for my birthday (next month) - do you have a fantastic camera suggestion )with great macro please) that doesn't break the bank?

  5. These are fabulous Laura!! Love the kitty shots!

  6. Hi, just wanted to say how much I love your blog - have really enjoyed my visit. Thank you so much for sharing your writing and pictures - not to mention your talent !!!

  7. Glad you are having so much fun. Love all the photos!

  8. The black cat looks just like my kitty! I love black cats :)