Tuesday, January 31, 2012

inspired by ... part I

So i want to share some people with you ... not that they're my own secret people or anything but people who inspire me photographically & to be the best that i can. People who support me, who i can turn to for advice & well putting it mildly give a whole new meaning to the word talent. 

Part I is dedicated to an incredible talented artist ... she's one of those ladies who can rock all photographic genres. In the beginning i knew her solely for her portraits, amazing surreal (sometimes self) portraits. I can't even begin to understand how she sees the things she does, it astounds me when i see new work appearing. Her ideas would seem so out there on paper, but she puts them together in a way that everything works like it's meant to be. Ok yes you've guessed who this fabulous lady is ... the exceptionally talented Elle Moss Photography. 
I admit it, I'm going to town on the adjectives, delving deep into the depths of my vocabulary to come up with new words worthy of such a wonderful lady. & maybe i am gushing a little but i can't help myself. You see the thing about Elle isn't just that she knows how to take pretty pictures but the time she's willing to put back into helping others. I am incredible lucky to have gotten to know the lady behind Elle Moss over the past couple of years, through Etsy & the internet. She has become someone i can turn to for advice with my photography, pushing me to achieve my dreams. 
& her photography doesn't stop at portraits, the whimsical & dream like feel continues into other genres such as her portrayal of nature & her incredible still life's. It's no surprise that her work has been featured in a large number of publications, exhibitions across the globe & is displayed in the homes of various celebrities. Her dreamy, whimsical, breath taking photography & her own fabulous self inspire me daily in my quest (yes i said quest) to sell my fine art full time. She is where i home to be one day & i thank her for being someone i can turn to for help through my own photographic journey. 
You can view more work by Elle Moss Photography in her Etsy shops:


  1. wow, her photos are amazing. thanks for sharing! i particularly love the flowers one...

  2. You are an amazing lady yourself (birds of a feather and all) ;) Thank you for everything you do! XXOO

  3. I do love Elle Moss, she always inspires!

  4. Elle Moss Photography is always, and forever, fabulous.

  5. great choice for your part one! I've been a fan since back in the days of Flickr:)

  6. Beautiful feature and she is an inspiration and a wonderful woman. :-)