Thursday, January 5, 2012

hopes & dreams for 2012 ...

I'm not big on resolutions ... in fact i hate them! Why wait until the 1st day of the year to make a change like that, do it now, this moment & follow through. So instead i want to share with you the hopes & dreams of some incredible inspirational people! 

"My dreams and plans for 2012 is to spend the majority of my time working on my painting collection, to build a body of work so I am able, hopefully, by mid year to get an agent and have a gallery show."
     ~ Ella Woolner

"2012 to me is a year of opportunities. A year that will bring me to new heights in my carreer. On Jan 1st, I sat down and made my list of achievements for myself and my business in 2012 and my biggest goal on my list is to "Stay true to my style and what I wish to evoke from my art". The rest will follow."
     ~ Eva Ricci

"For 2012 I hope I can still work with what I love the most, photography. My dream is to become a full time wedding photographer in North Carolina. I hope I can see my family in Brazil more often, get a dog, enjoy more warm days and spend some time at the beach with my husband.
I wish people would help each other more, the world would truly be a better place."
     ~ Caroline Lima-Benusa

"After 10 years of practice & possibility, 2012 is the year that I will learn how to be a yoga teacher. 2012 is an opportunity to take my knowledge to a whole other level, and to continue as a life-long student. For 2012, I hope AND dream to share lots of time & memories with those that I love, and to help others smile more often "
     ~ Victoria Klein

"Twenty Twelve for me is a year to live in the moment. To seek and create joy in the everyday. A year to breathe deeply, love deeply, and laugh deeply."
     ~ Serena Nicole Chapel

"2012 is all about authenticity and simplicity in my life and business! For me achieving this goal means living everyday with focused intention and attention to that which is most important in my life, truly inspires me and makes me feel genuine joy and a sense that what I am doing is exactly what I am suppose to be doing. 

Specifically in my design biz I've realized that I do not have to try to attempt every new marketing tactic, social media site, latest trend, follow the advice of every person who seems to have achieved success, etc. Instead, I will focus on those "mentors" whose message and business knowledge are truly inline with my definition of success, values and goals for my business.

I wish for you & everyone joy, peace, prosperity and an abundance of happiness in 2012!"
     ~ Tania Welch

"Well, yesterday I was writing about gratitude, so I guess that my wish & aspiration for this New Year that just came is to continue feeling this way.

Gratitude turns everything into enough and I just can't think of anything better than that. I don't have specific goals to share or at least that I feel are worth mentioning and occupying ... word space. I wish mostly for more openness in people's hearts & minds, less disease, more cures, less abuse, more recovery, less hate, more love, peace on this Earth.

I'd like to find ways to be able to do even a tiny little bit into contributing for a better world each day and by that I don't only mean our advanced societies. I'm thinking about every human being, on every place of the globe.

I guess that's it my dear, thank you so much for inviting me here to take part in your post. Happy, blessed year to you and your family!"

& mine ... well in 2011 my dream of a little boy came true. In 2012 it's all about the pretty pictures, & achieving my dreams photographically. I want to focus on my fine art, it's where my heart lies & it's where i want my photographic career to be.

What are your hopes & dreams for 2012?


  1. Thanks for sharing this inspring quotes Laura. I'm with you. A good idea is good now, not only on January 1st. But it is a good opportunity to reflect and take a deep breath and infuse new energy into dreams. I'm focusing on developing my skills and embracing my photography style.

  2. I love this Laura, thank you for sharing. There are some lovely hopes and dreams here, may they all come true :) xx

  3. What a beautiful list Laura! I loved reading about different artists/peoples goals. Mine is also to focus on the fine art and to maintain but yet develop my style. Happy new year and good luck! :)

  4. I never thanked you here once more for inviting me Laura. So thank you again for always finding a nice think to say both about my photography and about the words I write and of course for having me here among excellent company. Loved reading everyone's notes :)

    Nighty night,
    Iro, xo