Tuesday, January 10, 2012

play time ...

The one advantage to have some down time is that i'm getting to play around with old work, images that whilst i love composition wise i'm not totally happy with the edit. In the past year i have grown tremendously (& yes yes i do believe modest is such an over rated quality) & my style i feel is really coming into it's own. I'm finding much more of myself in my work & i love it. So i'm going back over old work, experimenting, trying new things & walking away happier because of it. Do you ever do that, revisit your old work? Anyway i wanted to share a few of those with you from my trip to Provence in July of 2010. & hopefully soon you'll see some of these available for sale on etsy or possible my society 6 shop which i really must tell you all about later this week ... don't let me forget! 

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