Monday, January 16, 2012

why we back up ...

So this really wasn't my plan for today's blog ... it involved lost of pretty pictures & talk of exploration & experimentation & well the fun stuff. Last night my beloved lifeline ... ummm i mean laptop crashed! Yes i am not a happy wee bunny ... but keeping my fingers crossed it will survive (right now it's "reparing permissions"). & i can't lie it is something of a traumatic experience ...

But i am not freaking out ... why you ask? Because (drum roll please)... i back up my work onto external hard drives & my time capsule! Not only do i back up my work but i back up my actions & my templates & anything that if i loose not only could it cause me to break down like a hormonal teenager but financially it could hurt me. Yes having to purchase a new computer is not something that was on my list of things to do this week but the hurt is a whole lot less knowing that my photos of my son are safe, & years worth of sweat & tears (yes you know you've been there too) are good to go. I don't have to go explaining to clients that the shoot they paid for is down the drain.

& whilst i don't get to leave you with something pretty & shiny ... like a cupcake, or my sons gorgeous smile ... i do get to sleep tonight knowing that whilst my computer my die tomorrow i still have what really matters.

ps. send happy thoughts the way of my computer & hope that tomorrow there will be something gorgeous for me to share with you!

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