Thursday, February 2, 2012

inspired by ... part II

So in part I i introduced you to one of my favourite photographers ... miss elle moss photography ... she really is an exceptionally talented woman. Anyways today i want to share a much more recent source of inspiration. Photographically i knew her gorgeous work (i mean how could you not it's stunning) but personally it was only this past summer i got to know her & i am so incredible glad i did. 

Introducing the one & only Joy St.Claire ... picture taker of all things pretty & gorgeous & whimsical & dreamy. In the time i have know Joy i have watch her explode onto the fine art scene ... & i mean literally explode. You know how sometimes it takes just one thing, well Joy got to experience that one thing & now she's flying. It really doesn't take a genius to see why, the question is more why it took so long?
You ever look into a picture & feel like there's a journey you are waiting to take? Every time i look at one of Joy's photographs i feel like i've stepped into something special, a journey back to childhood or fairy tale adventure. It's like Narnia except it is on the pages of a book, this is real life. I am constantly inspired by Joy's nature photography, her exceptional use of colours & textures in creating stunning works of art constantly amazes me as again she opens the door to her reality.
Through Joy i have found my belief that i can succeed in achieving my dreams, she is full of words of wisdom (even if them come in the form of a you tube video), advice & her work lives up to her name & fills me with joy. Yes i went there but then you knew i would. & honestly what's left to say but who knew asparagus could be so inspiring?
Check out more of Joy's work on Etsy!

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  1. Laura you really managed to capture what I feel when I see her work. I'm enjoying your series. Thanks