Thursday, January 13, 2011

a little blog lovin' ...

So we all know how much i like to read ... & the only thing i like more than actually reading is looking at pretty pictures ... well throw in some incredible talented artists & writers & you have all kinds of wonderful blogs to while away the hours. The only way this could be better is if all my favourite blogs came out in a monthly magazine but then i would most likely use up half a rainforest a week & so i'm stuck with my google reader. Anyways i decided it was time to share with you the places where i gleam my inspiration, & introduce you to some of the wonderful ladies who help me start my morning off.

Many of you will have heard of Decor8 & are most likely following it ... for those who haven't it's definately worth a look. Full of stunning photography, DIY projects & gorgeous shops i can spend hours just checking out the archives. Plus the added bonus for me is that Holly Becker, the lovely lady who runs it lives in Germany & so is always providing me with shops & lines to check out. As much as well all love shopping online, it's nice to go into somewhere & check out the pretties for yourself. Holly has another blog called Haus Maus which is more about her personal world & life in Germany that is well worth checking out as well. 

Where do i begin with a place for twiggs ... well probably with the photography, a mixture of work belonging to Claudia (the amazingly fabulous owner of said blog & also a gorgeous shop on etsy) & other photographers ... it is stunningly gorgeously amazingly pretty! Ok maybe a little over the top but this blog is worth the pictures alone. So then we throw in some wonderful interviews with said photographers & Claudia's own writing ability & you have the perfect answer to a lazy sunday afternoon. Recently Claudia moved her blog to it's own site, & it's looking divine not to mention some great articles to start the new year off. Plus notice under the list of sponsors ... that should answer any doubts as to how much i love this blog.

Well quite simple Nicole's Homemade Treats makes my list because of the food ... "oh my god" (think janice in friends) ... are the recipes simple delicious looking. Now i have personally bought from Nicole's shop & can vouch for her own culinary skills, & here she is posting recipe after recipe of mouth watering goodness. I have so many of these saved, now to get my lazy ass in gear. Oh & Niki is a military wife & member of the Etsy Homefront Team, not to mention a stay at home Mum. Now imagine the meals her kids get for dinner ... & the treats, i can't lie i'm a little jealous. Right now i can't decide between this White Bean & Proscuitto Soup & caramel apple lasagna


  1. THANKS GIRLFRIEND!!! I appreciate it!!! I love Decor8 and just bookmarked a place for twiggs!

  2. I had not heard of A Place for Twiggs either-I will head over to check it out