Saturday, January 15, 2011

books make me happy ...

i can't believe we're already 2 weeks into 2011 ... i feel like time is flying (but then i can't believe i'm in my trimester either) ... anyways here are my first two reads of 2011 (there won't be any spoilers):

1. Mark of the Lion ~ Suzanne Arruda
2. Winter in Madrid ~ C.J Sansom

Mark of the Lion is the first in a series, the lead character is one Jade Del Cameron & it's very much in the realm of an Agatha Christie who done it. Jade is your stereotypical bold, adventurous, stubborn, outspoken, beautiful heroine setting out to solve the dying wish of her WWI pilot friend. The book is set against the wonderful African backdrop & whilst a little predictable in places it was highly enjoyable & an easy read. I will be continuing the series, something light that draws you in & leads you off into a colourful world of safari, & post WWI colonies, with some great characters (if a little stereotypical at times). Like i said Agatha Christie esc! 

Winter in Madrid is set against the backdrop if post civil war Spain in 1940. The rest of Europe is at war & here we watch as the past collides with the present in a historical thriller. There are spies, suspense & some powerful observations of the human race. The backdrop of Madrid was incredible, & the historical context new & refreshing. Any book that teaches me as i read & leads me to looking up all kinds of things on the internet can't be a bad thing right? The characters were well written & whilst you could see what was coming round some corners other twists came as a total shock. The book is "gripping" in the words of reviewers & left me with more questions than answers


  1. I love the sound of Winter in Madrid! Completely agree with your point about learning as you read, understanding different cultures etc. I really should get back into reading, it's such a nice way to escape - I think I'll read one of these, Thankyou for your great reviews! X

  2. they sound interesting! easy/predictable are always good every now and then :)

  3. Winter in Madrid looks like a great read! Right now I am reading "Perfume, Story of a Murderer" which is set in 18th Century Paris, so I love anything European Historical :)