Tuesday, January 4, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Boulder, Colorado

So our wonderful journey with the ladies of fpoe continues ... just a quick recap of the places we've been to so far: West Warwick (RI, USA),  Edinburgh (IN, USA),  Saline (MI, USA), Los Angeles (CA, USA),  Manchester (UK), Naperville (IL, USA), Ottawa (Canada), Sydney (Australia), London, Canada), Ottawa again (Canada), New Jersey (USA), &  finally Chico (CA, USA). That's a whole lot of places, & we've seen all kinds of amazing work covering various genres, styles & all the rest. Personally I'm loving seeing what these fabulous photographers have to offer us but then i am a little biased. 

This week is no exception to the rule ... & if anything you're going to experience a little too much pretty! Ok so there's no such thing as too much pretty especially when it comes to pictures but the pretty I'm about to show you is a little overwhelming & honestly i had an incredible difficult time choosing the images i would share because i love them all. So without further ado (a little post Christmas panto speak ... it's an English thing) we're heading to Boulder, Colorado & the stunning photography of Shannon Blue Photography

The first thing i notice when i look at Shannon's work (once we've moved past the pretty) are the tones. I love the subtle, warm, calming tones she brings out in her images especially the gold. There's nothing cold about them, just an incredible warmth that makes you smile & laugh & reminds you of a childhood memory, a place or a time. Especially the gold ... there is lots & lots of golden tones like the sun radiates on everything she photographs. Then there's her choice of subject matter ... & the fact that everything is an object of her curiosity. She can turn her hand to macro, employing a wonderful depth of field on subjects including both nature & the random things that make up our world. She highlights the little details in life, bringing them to life & showing us the world around us in a light filled way (if that's even possible). There is no sadness in her work, so pause to wonder as to what may have occurred here just that split second between "pretty shiny over there" moments (or at least for me anyways). I can imagine all Shannon's photographs (literally) gracing my walls, giant canvas or row upon row of blocks forming one big work of art. & everything works together. 

So i guess the word I've been looking for (deep in the midst of my pregnant brain) is nostalgia ... 

yearning for a summer long past ...

... the sweet taste of cherries & your first love ... 

... & the journey from here to there, somewhere excited & pretty & shiny & new!

As with every week you can purchase all the above images on etsy, & to check out more of Shannon's work head over to her flickr page & her blog. I hope everyone enjoying the new year filled with anticipation, excitement & many many wonderful days ahead!


  1. Such a sweet write-up, Laura. Thank you so much!

  2. Oh, I just love Shannon's work! I had no idea she was in Boulder. Very cool. I love how you say that all her photos have warmth - that's the perfect way of describing it. Thanks for featuring her, Laura!