Wednesday, January 26, 2011

frankfurt 21/01

So i admit there are quite a few photos in this post but that's cause i couldn't choose ... so i appologize for my indecision! 

Anyways back to the post ... this past friday, the 21st of january i headed down to Frankfurt with my friend Nelou & a day of shooting with some other photographers including the wonderful Kim Kravitz another military spouse & photographer based down in Heidelberg. We'd met online (as i have discovered so many fabulous photographers) & had been trying to get out shooting together for a while. 

So Frankfurt was chosen because well i wanted somewhere new ... i wanted to experiment & push my boundaries ... instead of history & pretty i wanted modern, metal, glass & everything that goes with. I've never really liked the city so i've never photographed this kind of architecture. & to say i had a wonderful day is putting it mildly!! We wandered aimlessly (my favourite kind of exploration) & i made use of my ultra wide & loved it! 

So sit back ... relax ... maybe grab yourself a cup of something ... & i hope you enjoy the pretty pictures!


  1. Wow! I can understand why there are so many photos in this post - I wouldn't have wanted to leave any of these out either! Gorgeous pictures all around! Thanks for sharing!

  2. was a great day, glad we battled the cold and stayed well into the evening, you're right, it was worth it. and i was glad to get back to taking architecture pics, it's been a while for me, so thanks for that :)

  3. Wow! These are awesome! You did such a great job capturing the beauty of that city!! It was such a pleasure meeting you and we'll have to do it again soon! :D