Friday, November 12, 2010

through the keyhole ...

So about a month ago i was asked to write a guest blog for the wonderful Heather of Gathering Spriggs but here’s the thing, I'm not a writer i take pictures, i like to think they’re pretty but that’s about it. So when Heather asked me if i would be interested in writing a guest post of course i said yes, did a little whoop whoop dance & then freaked a little as i had absolutely no clue what to write & a total brain fart going on. I wanted to go out & shoot something new & wonderful but the changes of seasons & icky weather has left me uninspired. But there was another idea i’ve been working on, something i’ve thought about for a while to do with my home a chance to explore the things i love i guess & get to know me a little more. In the end though my friend's departure to California provided me with a different kind of  inspiration & i wrote a different blog for Gathering Spriggs deciding that this one would be kept for my own.
I can look at Gathering Spriggs & similar blogs for hours, staring in wonder at the amazing homes on display & gradually watch my skin turn a rather bright shade of green as i wish my house could look the same. So please don’t judge as i show you around my world but listen as i explain a few things to you: 
  1. I’m a military wife currently living in Germany, this has been our home for the past 3 years & in 12 months time we will be packing up to move somewhere new. Right now i have no clue where (it could literally be anywhere in the world), all i know is uncle Sam will decide & then show up to pack my life into boxes & unpack it at the other end. 
  2. As a military wife moving every 3 to 4 years i worry about investing in too much so my home is a mixture of ikea & the rest. The rest because one day i want to be able to pass down the wonderful items i’ve collected over the years to my grand kids & so on, & Ikea because it’s functional, it’s cheap, & if it breaks in one of the many moves it doesn’t cost a whole lot to replace. 
  3. Every time we move i throw out some of the furniture i don’t like, the functional stuff that i wish i could turn into something special but unfortunately my brain doesn’t work that way. So slowly I'm turning our house into a home although sometimes i think it won’t officially become a home until my husband retires & we settle somewhere i can choose the colours on the walls. 
  4. Somewhere along the way i’ve become a collector. I can’t think of any other way of describing it but it’s like things call out to me & i have to buy them over & over. My newest “collection” is old school alarm clocks, but my husband would argue why someone would need so many bowls!
So you look at my home & you learn everything you could ever need to know about me ... the things i love, the places i’ve been & really what makes me tick (oh yeah & there’s some hubby thrown in there for good measure). & i wanted to be able to share that with you because i love looking inside people’s home & discovering the things that make them who they are. 

In England there was this tv show called “Through the Keyhole” where they would explore the home of a famous person & get clues on who the person was based on what was seen, & try & figure out who it was. Well i guess this is my version of “Through the Keyhole” except you already know the answer ... this is my home!


  1. this is a very sweet story... because... first i was also invited and after the chicken dance i freaked but because i had a huge responsability on my head... second because your story here is so real and i love when i read someone opening her/his heart out to others. your house... btw is lovely! i can recognize some vintage things which i totally love or wish i had too! :) have a great weekend! twiggs

  2. I loved 'through the keyhole' when I was younger!
    I love your collection of stuff. I really love collecting old things x

  3. I just had to stop by and say "hello"-it has been so very long and what a beautiful post this is...

  4. I love the Through the Keyhole concept. You should start a photo challenge!