Tuesday, November 2, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

So i know it's been a few weeks ... everything got a little crazy in my world & in the end i just decided with leave coming up to take a wee break. So whilst i'm back from my travels i figure it's time we head off somewhere new. So far we've checked out the fabulous work of FPoE artists Mary Vican, Mandy Bryant, Elle Moss, Myan Photography & Diane Miller (phew that's a lot of artists) ... across the US to England, back to the US & now we're off to Ottawa, Canada to check out the stunning photography of Caitlin Brookes & The Paper Butterfly. Now i've been known to capture the occasional butterfly picture, & i am learning to love nature more & more but this girl has it down to a fine art. Seriously Caitlin manages to photograph this stunning insects & much of natures finest in a story book, magical, dream like way oh & i adore her name "the paper butterfly". 

Oh & did i mention macro quality of this skill takes not only great skill but an imense patience that shows in her love & portrayal of the subject matter. When I look at Caitlin's work, it's like i'm drawn into this fairy tale world, like Alice when she fell down the hole. A land that so often passes us by since it's so small & inconsequential to our world but here it is the focus of everything fragile & delicate & beautiful. & the tones Caitlin uses in her work simple add to the magical quality of it. Even when she shifts to a black & white the subject matter be it insects, birds, animals flowers or whatever aspect of nature she chooses to focus on keeps that mythical quality. Like we're stepping into her own private land of Narnia. 

From the dragonfly shown in all it's glory ... 

... to tiny buds sitting in rows along a branch ... 

... Nature in Caitlin's hands comes alive. 

As usual all the images you see here are for sale on etsy, but you can also check out her work on her stunning blog & of course her flickr site. 


  1. Oh, thank you so much! What a lovely surprise :) xoxo

  2. Caitlin's work is gorgeous; thanks for sharing her with us!
    Peace, Judi