Tuesday, November 23, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's London, Canada

First of all i want to say how much i love writing these posts ... i get to look at the amazing work of a group of incredible talented women from around the world & then share with you. It's about as good as it gets! But anyways back on track this week we're heading back to North America but it's London, Ontario, Canada & the stunning imagery of Jennifer Squires Ross. & really i'm not sure where to begin. I've never been good at landscapes, i want to take a class & learn from someone who understands them & as i sit here looking at Jennifer's work it makes me want to jump on a plane & have her show me how a professional does it. I'm in love with the peace & quiet, the stunning beauty & the simplicity of her photography. 
Jennifer produces the kind of images that you would hang on any wall in your home, that make me thin of "zen" & i'm really not a zen person. They're so calming & tranquil, places i just want to wander around on a lazy sunday, escape to with my camera through out the seasons & explore so i can come to understand them in the way that Jennifer does. It's as if she becomes part of the landscape around her, never taking anything with her but leaving a part of herself behind in her work. The skill that goes into creating suck pictures blows my tiny little impatient mind, she achieves everything i wish i could & in a way that seems effortless. Yes i know i'm gushing here a little but landscape photography of this skill is something i have never mastered but i've always dreamt of, & maybe it's something i never will understand but i would at least like to try (so some tips would be nice here ... pretty please in the spirit of almost christmas). 
I've also noticed that it doesn't matter what the subject Jennifer can produce that tranquility in the curves of a flower ...
... a lonesome lifeguards chair ...
... & yes i am in love with all things snow right now!
As with every week you can purchase all the images you see in the blog post on etsy, as well as viewing more of Jennifer's work on flickr, her blog, & her website. & i have no clue where we're heading next week but i'm really really hoping for some snow!!


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! You're making me blush. Prior to these images I didn't have much experience photographing landscapes. My tip? Just get out there and start shooting, you'll quickly figure out what works for you and what doesn't.

    And Laura, if you ever have any questions, just ask! I'm only an email away!