Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall ...

This is the first year i've actually gotten out & appreciated the colours of fall ... it's not that i don't love fall, i do it's just it's the end of summer & the days are getting shorter & well you know how it goes. By the time you get over your post summer blues at least over here i feel like i've missed the falling leaves & everything that goes with. So off i headed down to a lake close to where we live in search of inspiration ... & instead i got clouds & the threat of rain (oh & duck poop on my jeans). I was disappointed so the next day i threw (not literally of course) the camera in the car with the hope of blue skies (a given since i had to work that day). & yes there they were & on leaving work i got to head back to said lake & have some fun with my new lenses. I think it was worth it!


  1. i so understand you laura! i love those walks... and i had been dreaming about a walk in the woods next to home, since every time i passed by those in the morning the light was incredibly magic... and then i chose exactly the saturday it was raining! :) well i do not give up easily and i was enjoying it so much... though the umbrella :p hugs, twiggs

    note, look at my thursday sweet treasury, i think you will like it very much!

  2. Gorgeous shots! Looks like it was a lovely day. I need to go out one day after work...I only have about an hour of light left, but that's just enough :)

  3. wow, i would definitely say it was worth it! these are gorgeous! i love all the blue tones! and i don't get to enjoy it either. it always seems to go away too fast and then winter greyness and dullness is here for the next 5 or 6 months...