Friday, November 5, 2010

Mrs Z's Designs ...

So i was asked last minute to help out a friend & photograph some of the gorgeous designs of one Mrs Z. Perfect for well anyone with an ounce of style (i'm a jeans & t-shirt kind girl but as you can see here Nelou my wonderful model is well stunning & has more style in her little finger than i have in my entire body)... & you know Christmas is just round the corner! Anyways back to the fabulous Mrs Z ... she is a fellow military wife & designs & crochets hats, cowls, mittens, tote bags & diaper hats, & the quality is exceptional. To view more of her work you can check out her website or her facebook


  1. these pictures are so beautiful! you did a wonderful job!

  2. Great work Laura! Love 'em! BTW, I think you meant it the other way around- she has more style in HER little finger then YOU in YOUR entire body... right? :)