Monday, December 13, 2010

it's the simple things in life that make us happy ...

wrapping presents & catching up on my english drama ... 
mind blowing landscapes ...
receiving a late birthday present from the hubby ... 
reaching another mile stone in this pregnancy trip ...
my wonderful friends (where ever in the world you are).


  1. Gorgeous photo! I see the hubby spends time on Etsy as well... :)

  2. Hi Laura :)

    I hadn't known about your birthday dear...belated happy birthday to you and all the very best of wishes!
    Nice present and indeed mind blowing landscapes...

    I also read your comment on the "Sunny Kitchen project"...Thank you very much for your nice words :)
    Wishing you to have fun while decluterring and redesigning!

    Stay warm you two there ;)

  3. i'm REALLY loving josef's work! i can't help but look at every single one...

  4. thanks ivy!

    andrea those are the kinds of landscapes that draw me in ... amaze me with their symplicity & beauty!

  5. That's a really charming picture!